Staff Members
Farmer Bryan

A lifetime machinist, Farmer Bryan brings so many important skills to the farm - from repairing tools to making them from scratch.  His work is never done from before sunrise until dark.  Extreme heat and driving rain are the only things that slow him down. He'd be the first to admit to grabbing a nap during those times. Bryan is blessed to be able to farm full time and can't imagine doing anything else.

Farmer Cindy


Andreza Owens (media and farmhand)

Andreza handles farm media from the website to FB. She is the link between the farmers and the 21st  century. She loves to cook and enjoys sampling new foods. Her desire is to continue to learn organic farming practices and to help her family continue on a path to health.

Megan Hurlburt (marketing farmhand)

Megan is a tireless and skilled farmhand and head of marketing.